facebookcover for HALLOWEEN FEST copy

Once upon a time there was a comedian called Ross.  He had a childhood love of the movie Beetlejuice.  Deciding a full stand up show was the best route to express his adoration he created “Ross Hepburn is Beetlejuice’d” and opted to stage it on Hallowe’en at The Banshee Labyrinth.

One night Magician Ash Pryce was enjoying the post show wind down of the Edinburgh fringe when he felt his paranormal magic show “Haunted” would also feel at home on the most haunted night of the year in Scotland’s most haunted pub.

Before too long it became apparent that the combination of these awesome shows could form the backbone of a mini festival on Hallowe’en and the duo were quickly followed by actor Michael Daviot desiring to perform Poe’s legendary The Raven.

And so The Banshee’s Hallowe’en Fest was born.  Check out this site for details of the event, the individual shows, tickets (though it is a free entry… more on that in the tickets page) and from the drop down above you can find out more about the shows, the acts and the event.

Have a happy haunting Hallowe’en!


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